Explainer 02: ORDER OF RECORDS

This order of records is designed to favour search efficiency.

If you know who you are looking for, read the database from left to right, which starts with the author's origin then author's name.

If you do not exactly know who you are looking for, read the database from right to left, which starts with the type of record then year of production.

<Sample call number: SMR04.02b>

Level1: Record Group
Geographic origin of the record author: Manila; Philippines; Project Glocal Asia; Asia; Beyond Asia
See Explainer03 for more details

  Level2: Author of Record
Artist, curator, research head, producer, or organisation name
Can be author’s legal name or artist name/ alias, whichever is more recognisable in the field. There will be sublevel: Other Names
*Alphabetical (last name first)

  Level3: Project
            Sublevels: Project Type_Project Title_Data Title
Types of type: Exhibit; Performance; Research; Experiment; Talks; Conference; Symposium; Publication; Album; Program; Composition; Artwork; Field recording; Others

  Level4: Year Released
All information available: yearMonthday (ex: 2020Jan25); year only (2020) 
Undated will have own set

  Level5: Record Type
            Audio; Video; Image; Text; Link