Collection Database #2

Record 101-200

(1) materials listed aren't (all) mine. they are recorded for archiving. and archiving is being done as part of research. permission to use the materials should be acquired from the copyright owner/s of the materials.
(2) these are not sound art works (only). some are music, spoken words, field recordings, etc. SMRchive is not a sound art project anyway, but an archiving project for projects that are sounding or for listening.
(3) i have not decided what the final output of my research will be (paper, show, artwork, etc.).  i do however have several points of problematisation and hypotheses just like other researches. i am also waiting for the materials to call my attention to a possible form the output would most effectively take. and yes, materials can do that--cue you into how they can be curated; and it's an amazing feeling when you realise that it is what is happening.