Explainer 01: Archive, Collection, Ownership, Access, Duration

Archive: This is a digitised and digital archive. Records are kept in an offline digital data carrier. Search engine and snippets of collection highlights will be posted online on this website and/or Instagram. This is a non-profit, non-commercial, independent project.

Collection: The starting collection are records gathered from my curatorial practice, various research projects and awesome friendships. Public solicitation of materials was launched in May 2020 via this website and Instagram.

Ownership: The ownership of the records remains with the record author or whoever legally owns the copyright of the original format of the records. The archive then functions as a custodian of data, with special permission to gather, organise and promote the records for the purpose of education, production and documentation of art, science and history and culture.

Access: Access protocols and policies will be formalised when there is a substantial amount of conditions and restrictions determined with the growth of collection. Meantime, those who are interested to use any of the records in this archive is requested to email. Requests will be assessed on case-to-case basis.

Duration: This project is intended to run for at least 3 years...if I'm lucky ;)