DEPOSITED material means that owner is giving SMRchive a copy of an audio work, documentation of sound or listening project. SMRchive will include these materials in the inventory that will be periodically shared on the blogsite and instagram. In the occasion that someone is interested to use the deposited material for their research, artwork, presentation or whatever possible use, SMRchive will facilitate the process of acquiring permission from owner. SMRchive does not have the right to release deposited material without permission of the owner unless expressed by the upon entry to the collection.

LOANED material is the same as deposited material, except that there is an agreement between the materials' owner and SMRchive on the length of time it will stay in the SMRchive inventory. After the period agreed the owner may decide to deposit his/her material, which means SMRchive can keep the materials for as long as the archive exists. The owner too may decide to donate his/her material to SMRchive.

DONATED material means that the owner entrusts SMRchive the full management. This means that at the time someone is interested to use the material for whatever purpose, SMRchive has the full discretion to decide whether the request will be granted or not.

Whether loaned, deposited or donated, in the occasion that the use of specific  material involves money, earnings or expenses, SMRchive will not release the material until approval from the owner is secured.