Explainer 04: ENTRY TYPES

OBJECT: this means that the material entered the collection as a CD, DVD, cassette, vinyl, among others, printed photo, zine, catalogue, etc.  These materials are later digitised. Original objects may be kept in my care, donated or gifted to collectors, or returned to the owner if it is just on loan. 

DIGITAL: this means that the materials entered the collection as a digital file: Jpeg, Tiff, Wav, MP3, MP4a, MOV, WAV, or other format. The digital format will not be altered.

LINK: this means that SMRchive does not keep a copy of the material, instead an inventory of links are entered in the collection. This is important because of the volume of relevant materials in the internet. Among these were Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube, Vimeo, private websites, among others.