Back from the thaw

So I am done thawing from the winter froze...

The commissioned archiving project has already been completed. Unfortunately, the institution who commissioned it is not yet ready to release the output. I was told maybe later this year or early next year. 


I can only give a teaser at the moment...

    It is a music archive

    Containing more than 1000 hours

    It is thematic

    It is about Philippine music 

    It is largely for non-Filipino audience/ users

    The most exciting part is that we had to build the archive while on lockdown.

And yes, the main take away, the archive would have been significantly different if we are to build it without lockdown.


What's up now with Sonic Manila Research? I'm done cataloguing the objects in my physical possession (whew!) (jk! it was really not a lot). I am now writing. Hafta write. I guess this is what I'd be doing for the next year or few years (?!). It is still SMR because I'm writing mostly about sound archiving, sound practice, sound art, and the like. But I'd be quiet... quieter... volume 0.

Meantime, there's a lot happening in the sounding world... Lirio Salvador just celebrated his birthday at Alitaptap Artists' Village, Filipinas Heritage Library's Muni-Muni podcast is still on, Manila Community Radio has a consistent programming, Pinoy experimental/ electornic/noise musicans are being featured on several radio stations, my two online sound/music/moving images shows are still on ( and, among many others. Gah! maybe y'll already know about these because Facebook and Instagram. Anyway, just to say, Pilipinas airwaves is busy. Happy ears! A step further, I continue to encourage you all to have a reflexive practice for us to thrive despite and regardless. Padayon sa lahat!